Remembrance-Family Crisis Interventions - Awakening Vision-Clinical skills development
Trainings: We have developed a range of services to suit a variety of budgets&approaches in either 3hr or 6 hr modes of delivery
These programs have been successfully implemented in over 30 child welfare,mental health, substance abuse, and community agencies over the last 15 years (referral list upon request)
            Ethics and Boundaries
            Effective  Compassionate Communication skills
            Stress and time management
            Milieu management and Building a Therapeutic Community
            Individual counseling skills up to 3 stage series
            Group skills counseling 3 stages
            Basic substance abuse theory
            Case Management Skills
            Stages of change engagement skills to transform resistance 
            Mens and Womens issues in counseling situations
            family Crisis Intervention and Limit setting
            Treating Substance Abuse and Mental illness -MISA
            Adolescent Development Issues in Counseling
Advanced Skills
            Teaching effective self regulation skills
            Working with Families in Crisis Intervention
            Relationship Issues and The Forgiveness Healing Process
            Violence Interruption Process
            Using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for personality disorders
            Cognitive strategies with Mood or Anxiety Disorders 
            Acceptance & Committment therapy and Relapse Prevention
            Success Focused Relapse Prevention
            Trauma Resolution Integration
            Embracing the Experience of Dying-Grief and Avoidance
            Acceptance of OUR Shadow
            Exploring False Core Self Trances
            Developing a Spirituality Perspective
            Mindfulness Relapse Process
            Strategic Planning
            Developing Cultural Diversity
            Effective Clinical Supervision
            Leadership and Management skills
            Effective Team Building
            Performance Appraisals for Quality Improvement
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Prices based on time structure delivery or customizing content and travel demands........
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